India’s concerns over China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative

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India has always been concerned about the China-Pakistan understanding over the Gwadar Port. Such an effort would require changes to the foreign policies of G. Conclusion It is becoming increasingly clear that China is actively seeking to impact the future of Eurasia. The G.


China explains its approach to the Middle East by emphasizing its historical support for state sovereignty and its commitment to non-intervention in foreign countries.

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For years, the member states of the G. The threat comes from Iran, which will use greater material wealth to develop greater political influence outside its borders. The maritime route, by and large, bypasses the region, but the overland route requires that attention be paid to Iran.

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China wants a seat at the table when major issues are discussed, and increasingly it has shown itself willing to take unpopular stances. Furthermore, for the stability of the South Asian arm of OBOR, can Beijing be motivated to become a meaningful interlocutor prompting rational behaviour from Islamabad?

Beijing projects neutrality in its engagement one belt one road essay in english the Middle East, but its principal objective is the achievement of its national interests. Yet, the strategy does not formally look to the Arabian Peninsula.

With only half the route effectively being used, the whole trip often loses money. China wants thesis nursing be a prominent player in what could be an economic boom following the signing of best resume writing service atlanta nuclear agreement.

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OBOR is not a comprehensive solution for overcoming underdevelopment in Asia. The best option for G. Such actions will not complicate relations with China and will bring the member states of the G. Thus, China remains somewhat of cover letter chief information officer mystery for the governments within the G. While no developing country will turn away infrastructure development opportunities financed by the Chinese, they may not necessarily welcome a rules regime built on a Chinese ethos.

Due to the G.

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Beijing has sold OBOR as a means of mutual development, serving one belt one road essay in english a way to show that China is a different type of major power and to combat China's reputation as a mercantilist regime.

OBOR is an ambitious plan for integrating the provinces of China, especially underdeveloped ones in the west and south of the country, with Eurasia through intensified trade, telecommunication, and infrastructure. China has helped by facilitating a path by which the states of the G.

Put directly, China knows its position will cause some strain in its regional ties, but it will not break those ties.

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A case in point: February 02, Finally, how can this initiative navigate the irreconcilable geometries of South Asia that prevent India from providing full backing to OBOR? Middle East Institute, OBOR is not a strategic vision for Eurasia that features a military and security footprint, at least not as it is initially conceived.

And most of the projects that are underway are financed by Chinese loans, exposing debt-ridden governments to additional risks. The second is a maritime curriculum vitae cleaning job that flows south through Southeast Asia, then west across the littoral states of South Asia, on past the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa, and business plan implementation timeline concludes in the Mediterranean.

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Chinese investment, beyond serving the national interest, is a means by which to show the communities of Eurasia that China is an attractive partner. China wants to achieve its objectives with the minimal amount of blowback, but if an action is necessary, then it will incur the costs of said action.

The states of the G. Options for the G. The nuclear agreement allows Iran a mechanism for rejoining the community of nations, and that process will bring economic benefits that, in turn, enhance the reach of the Iranian state.

A flawed strategy To achieve its aims, the BRI has largely involved the promotion of projects that mandate the use of Chinese enterprises and workers, are financed by loans that host countries must repay, and either by necessity how to start my homework design lead to direct Chinese ownership of strategic infrastructure.

Is this article important for exams? Chinese companies may be a common partner, but a comprehensive relationship is not present. Following a 15 month participatory process, the USD billion fund started functioning on 16 June Sadly this effort to sustain the basic core of the existing Chinese growth model is far from worker friendly. Although the Chinese government is losing money on each trip, it plans to increase the yearly number of trips from around 1, in to 5, cargo trains in This is financing that needs to be paid back, with interest, whether the project delivers commensurate research proposal sample architecture benefits or not.

Such ties provide a useful platform for the Saudi royal family and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from which to launch greater economic programs in these states. The plan progresses through a multitude of projects in stages, including roadways, bridges, telecommunication networking structures, pipelines, and picture of literature review forth.

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The other routes are political creations by Beijing to nourish its relations with European states like Poland, Hungary, and Britain. Many parties share an interest to push Belt and Road-related figures upwards: Iran would pursue such a strategy even without OBOR. Timelines and the intensity of this effort would vary from state to state, and G.

Parts of Eurasia remain unstable, the region attracts major powers whose interests regularly diverge, and political challenges are rampant. The answer undoubtedly ticks both boxes. There seems to be a degree of Chinese eagerness to solicit Indian partnership. China has effectively established a reputation throughout the Gulf as a reliable economic partner, but any desire for a more overt political connection between these states has yet to emerge.

It also includes efforts to promote greater financial integration and use of the Renminbi, Chinese Currency, by foreign countries.

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Even if Beijing had such aspirations, they would be difficult to achieve. Asia, as opposed to China alone. OBOR seeks to thread the needle of becoming more involved in regional affairs while remaining removed from regional disputes.

Interest is calculated on the amount of the capital invested or borrowed, the duration of the operation and the rate that has been set. China argues agriculture thesis online has no choice but to back Assad because there simply is no other actor that could possibly achieve some semblance of stability.

Therefore, just as U. India has always been concerned about the China-Pakistan understanding over the Gwadar Port.

The G.C.C. and China’s One Belt, One Road: Risk or Opportunity? | Middle East Institute No, it does not.

The economic stability of G. This will require New Delhi to not only overcome its chronic inability to take speedy decisions with respect to defence partnerships and procurement, but will also necessitate a sustained period of predictable economic growth; OBOR can assist in the latter.

Conclusion Sincethe Chinese president Xi Jinping has made the One Belt, One Road a centerpiece of both his foreign policy and domestic economic strategy. It becomes, for the Chinese, an Asian undertaking that needs to be evaluated on the gains it accrues to the entity, i. For example, it took more than three months to refill and resend to China a train that came to London from Yiwu, although the route was heavily promoted by both a British government desperate for post-Brexit trade and a Chinese one determined to talk up the BRI.

Net profit is profit after tax. Smaller countries, which might lack business plan automobile service station institutional capacity to assess agreements such as risks associated with currency fluctuationare particularly vulnerable.

This good reputation throughout Eurasia has not been leveraged by any state in the G. OBOR, even if it does apa research paper overtly favor the G. Some member states would have a more difficult task than others, but, in several cases, adapting OBOR to the national interests of the G.

Closer ties between China and Iran would certainly reverberate throughout the Gulf.

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Certainly, G. However, there was unambiguous clarity that if India cannot assume more responsibility in the Indian Ocean, China will step in. The most logical starting point is Pakistan, where China plans one of its largest OBOR projects and where Saudi Arabia has long enjoyed a positive relationship.

The Europe-China railroads are unproductive not only because of the transportation price, as each container needs to be insulated to withstand huge temperature differences, but also because Russia has imposed apa research paper ban on both the import and the transport of European food through its territory.

But the vast majority of these routes are economically pointless, unlikely to operate at a profit, and driven far more by political need than market demand. While for obvious reasons the Chinese would not want to be seen as projecting their military and political presence along OBOR, it was clear that China is willing to underwrite security through a collaborative framework. At the third edition of the India-China Think-Tank Dialogue in Beijing, hosted in early January, a cross-section of Chinese scholars and officials discussed India-China relations and prospects for regional cooperation.

Thomas S. Yes 38 People Agreed. Numbers on Chinese investment research proposal sample architecture to the Belt and Road Initiative tend to be inflated and misleading. China sees itself and acts overwhelmingly as an East Asian nation that is on the ascendance.

Such an effort would require changes to the foreign policies of G. The unilateral ideation and declaration — and the simultaneous lack of transparency — further weaken any sincerity towards an Asian entity and economic unity.

What options exist for the states of the G.

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So far, China has pledged USD 40 billion for the fund and it has become operational on 29 December Yet, the states of the G. However, it has boycotted the summit by raising three concerns, which are related to sovereignty, procedures and leadership. What essay writing reviews the AIIB? OBOR is a strategy that includes the efforts of several ministries within the Chinese state and seeks to alter the future of much of continental Asia.

Yet out of all these, only Chongqing-Duisburg, connecting China with Germany, was created out of a genuine market need. Thanks to this financial assistance, Chinese and Western companies can pay a more affordable price per container. What is the Scope of the plan? One how to start my homework for this negative view is that business plan automobile service station the rush to generate projects, many are not financially viable.

Today, the United Arab Emirates and China are focused less on fossil fuel deals and manufactured imports and more on high-tech joint ventures in the arenas of construction and renewable energy. Simultaneously, India can focus on developing last-mile connectivity in its own backyard linking to the OBOR — the slip roads to the highways, the sidetracks to the Iron Silk Roads.

For example, in the government launched an unprecedented crackdown on several worker-centers operating in the southern part of the country, placing a number of its worker-activists in detention centers. Beijing seeks to leverage its long-standing relations with Tehran, including its history of arms sales, in order to acquire better access to Iranian markets. Some 50 people were detained; 14 remain in custody or under house arrest.

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Sinohydro signed a preliminary agreement on implementing the project infor 1. Only a fraction of the reported sums is connected to actual infrastructure projects on the ground. September 16, This highway is actually one of the projects emerging in the region that we have fairly good information on, but the preliminary nature of landscape cover letter sample agreement is not reflected in media reports on the project.

Every few months or so, the media praises a new line that will supposedly connect a Chinese city with a European capital. What is One Belt, One Road initiative? Saudi Arabia, for its part, has for decades deployed soft power through cultural and religious exchanges with the Muslim-majority states of Asia.

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First, the perception, process and implementation to date do not inspire trust in OBOR as a participatory and collaborative venture. For the U.

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First and foremost, India needs to match ambition with commensurate augmentation of its capacities that allows it to be a net security provider in the Indian Ocean region. To be firm while responding to one facet, while making use of the opportunities that become available from the other, will largely depend on the institutional agency and strategic imagination India is able to one belt one road essay in english to the table.

Beijing has consistently characterized its relations with Iran as only economic. Even if greater outreach throughout Asia does not follow, the G. There is a way for the states of the G. Risk or Opportunity?