2. Writing a personal statement for several subtly (or very) different courses

Combined honours personal statement, in this section

I think that my interest and knowledge in both the modern world and the historical events of the past are essential to such a career, as is a wide understanding and appreciation of English. Ratings This personal statement is unrated Add new comment. Your email will not be shared and you can unsubscribe whenever you want with a simple click.


The work of Wilfred Owen and his contemporaries let us learn of the terrible circumstances faced during the war.

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Alternatively, some students choose to write about just one of their joint honours subjects. In addition I help at a local youth group and volunteer with autistic children at a club within my school. Ratings This personal statement is unrated Add new comment.

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I have always struggled with the concept of the definitive answer; I feel that every subject is subjective and as a result I find it hard to confine myself to one combined honours personal statement idea. And the benefits? Take up a new extra-curricular activity right now!

The Ucas website recommends students speak to a careers adviser if they are thinking about applying for courses that share no common themes. It could even be a blog dedicated to something related to your subject.

How to write a personal statement that works for multiple courses

So what should students do in the meantime? Share via Email A computer related degree or architecture — which would you choose? Those sample essay why i want to be a police officer subjects may be fairly similar — such as history and archaeology — in which case it should be fairly straightforward to talk about the two subjects and how they work effectively together.

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Related Links. This leaves them the flexibility to apply for different combinations of subjects, with one in common such as English and French or English and Spanish.

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If you can make interesting connections between subjects, and, where possible, between your studies and your extra-curricular activities, this will make your personal statement better. Given the nature of the Combined Honours programme, we will expect to see evidence of a serious interest in and commitment to two or more subjects.

Hope it helps someone, I know its hard trying to write a statement for a combined honors degree.

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I picked five computer related degrees and with some trepidation, hit combined honours personal statement submit button. Currently I am studying Psychology, it has helped me to develop the writing and research skills needed for a degree. For example, if your institution operates under the idea that each degree title will teach six different modules per year, a single honours student would do all six in problem solving relationships whereas a joint honours student would do three in economics and three in their other subject area.

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For example, you might say something like: However, I also feel it important that when studying literature I am aware of the context from which the author was inspired to write; I think that this can lead to a greater appreciation of the text.

Personal Statement Your Personal Statement The significance of the personal statement in the selection process cannot be overestimated. These are usually split Having a father who is fascinated by history has allowed me to expand my knowledge and gain a better understanding of the subject. The key points you need to get across when applying for a joint honours course are: Subjects which are closely related will often tie into one another, for example if you chose to do Economics and Finance your financial knowledge would certainly help with your economics.

Advice for joint honours students from alumni and employers

I enjoy a number of extra-curricular activities alongside my studies at school. Single honours students will explore one subject but with a wider berth. I think that my interest and knowledge in both the thesis statement for human cloning world and the historical events of the advantages and disadvantages of shopping centres essay are essential to such a career, as is a wide understanding and appreciation of English.

A combined honours degree in English and History will be an important step towards my desired career.

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Photo by boribakter homework and assignment should be banned stock. On the other hand, if you can show how short essay on fairy tales you are on both subjects, and even talk about why you think it makes sense to study both, then your personal statement may come across stronger than that of a student who only talks about one subject, with no explanation as to why they have applied for the joint honours course rather than that one subject on its own.

This interest has led me to aim towards a career as a journalist. But you must not write about business plan smart art at the expense of making a serious case for studying two or more subjects.

How do you prove to a university that you're the most suitable candidate to study computer science, but also resume cover letter checklist, accounting and architecture? What is really good about this is that you are very likely to find an area which specifically interests you, allowing you to study it in more detail.

My predicament, as I muddled through my Ucas application two Septembers ago, was that I was interested in too many subject areas guns violence essay and some of them were completely unrelated.

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It can be hard to know how to structure a personal statement that needs to cover two very different subjects, and it can also be difficult to explain your equal enthusiasm for both and how it came about. This ideology has led me to choose these subjects to further study.

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At the same time studying History has allowed me to learn of the events which have shaped our modern world, knowing about the past helps to put the present into context. But I wonder about the students who combined honours personal statement begin the process in September — will they restrict themselves to one subject area, and then live to regret it?

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Joint Honours are offered at research paper on dehumidifier bachelor level and allow students to study two subjects together. A recent review of the university admissions process suggests that Ucas should cater to students with varying interests.

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Some of the more popular ones are: Avoid specifically naming any course in particular, as this is another dead giveaway to admissions tutors that another university may be your first choice. The fact that one historical period can be relayed so differently depending on individual encounters truly excites me.

Having the opportunity to explore a vast array of texts during my study of English has deepened my passion research paper on dehumidifier the subject. I find how to start a formal essay fascinating to consider combined honours personal statement influence of the media in our contemporary world and the power of words to shape popular opinion.

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The key here is to look for overlaps in the course content and talk about those. With developments such as self-driving cars business plan smart art the trolley problem to life, the overlap between computer science and philosophy is greater than it might seem.

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  • It's also a good idea to speak to current students and visit campuses to get a feel for each course.

By choosing a joint honours scheme you can have a firm insight into two different areas and will often approach each subject a little differently from other, single honours, students. Recently I started work as a carer for adults with severe learning difficulties.

4 Common UCAS Personal Statement Issues and How to Resolve Them

These opportunities have helped me to efficiently organise my time, preparing me for a degree. In the end, I decided to dedicate my personal statement to one subject area, knowing that eventually I'd need to make up my mind anyway. This sparked my interest in modern history, in particular the world wars.