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New landing pages, same performance. Summary and Moving Forward This account is performing well and will only continue to perform better. The Objectives The goal was to increase the number of online bookings on the new site and target the international tourist and business travel market. A comprehensive marketing strategy was needed which started with in-depth research into how best to reach this audience. If we start shutting off high volume keywords our total spend will drop quickly. Ongoing optimization ppc case study ppt refining keywords and ad texts ensures you achieve the optimum traffic level for the spend budget. Nothing about the change in landing pages indicates better or worse performance. Rather than send users to individualized landing pages, we sent them to the homepage.


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Continually test and optimize your presentation, test behavior, and attract enough traffic to avoid losing business. It would be a good idea to stop running ads on Sundays.

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Our targeting is maxed out. We Shut Down Campaign 7 This was a tough call.

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The decision can be argued both ways, but we ultimately chose to shut it down. This allowed full control over budget allocation.

Brand campaigns are expected to convert. Focus on Campaign 2 and campaign 5.

Ultimately, the data set is too small to say online shopping system thesis pdf of anything. We Launched a New Campaign In addition to covering more of the map, we launched a new campaign targeting more keywords. Ad scheduling made no clear changes to conversions.

The final point I'd like to make before moving on is that I decided against using any third party bidding tools e.

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It was also necessary to reduce campaign costs by lowering irrelevant and non-converting traffic in order essay on my favourite fruit mango for class 4 provide value. After implementing these homework izle we let the campaigns run for the rest of the month with minimal adjustments.

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Again, a bad idea unless you have data to back the decision. A comprehensive marketing strategy was needed which started with in-depth research into how best to reach this audience. So what does it mean?

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  3. But that's agency life.
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Getting Better Leads Ready for the changes? Growing Pains Month 1 is always about collecting data.

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Campaigns were set up to test the best marketing message to see if different groups of people were influenced by different adverts. Month 2: Google isn't resting on Sundays. I know what you're thinking. Simply put, we got less conversions, but we got harder-to-get conversions. In fact, they're hustling us harder than any other day.

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Unfortunately, unlimited ad spend is a luxury reserved for a smalll number of e-commerce businesses and affiliates. Think software contracts — it only takes a few good leads to see big ROI. Increase our bids.

By doing so we could easily segment the budgets at a later date, should campaign performance provide a reason to do so.

The Power of PPC – 5 Case Studies

Take a look at the last three columns. This takes a good chunk of time to do, so it might not be practical to build every account with SKAGs from the start.

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Day of the Week To try and get enough data, I pulled numbers from the last three months. With that said, we spent a lot of money. To achieve this, the search term, ad copy, and landing page flow was tightened around core keyword groups and ad copies were tested methodically. Rather than send users to individualized landing pages, we sent them to the homepage. What about campaign 3?

The number of con-converting traffic went down ppc case study ppt Our targeting was nearly maxed out before shutting off campaign 7. The KPIs for the campaign included users registrations, card activations, loading of money onto cards, and ongoing use of the cards. It was also necessary to increase the number of clicks at the same budget.

See for yourself.

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The average cost per click was much higher than the other campaigns. The problem in this situation is that our search lost impression share due to budget doesn't give us much wiggle room.

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These codes helped track enquiries, bookings, and better budget allocation. Continued optimization of ongoing activity ensure the account was running at optimal levels. Our hope was for this campaign to help supplement the loss in spend from campaign 7.

With a change that once again limited targeting, we increased our geotargeting to expand our reach.

2. The Payoneer Case Study

That's it for results! This isn't what you would expect from alocated money to more competitve hours.

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With the launch of their new service for professionals and freelancers, the company was a faced with a few challenges including The Objectives The objectives of the campaign included reaching potential users, introduce a new service that had no search inventory, and assess the product value over time. If you're an aspiring Excel wizard, data nerd, or number cruncher, keep on readin' on. We Changed the Landing Pages With campaign 10 we had tried something different toefl essay practice online the other campaigns.

We essay on my favourite fruit mango for class 4 lucky. Acquisio or Marin. First Things First: I don't think it's an exaggeration to say we were losing money in our sleep. Here are the results after four months of campaign optimization. The Objectives It was necessary to raise the quality score by improving the CTR, have a much tighter control over keyword match variations, create and test new ad copies, and increase search engine rankings for its landing pages.

Summary and Moving Forward This account is performing well and will only continue to perform better.

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We're working with high margins. Here's what we did.