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Personal statement of military compensation calculator, this is...

Many companies offer some type of group life insurance that is tied directly to employment and SGLI functions just like this. Additional information on all three plans is available at: You and your family members receive significant savings when you participate in SV programs such as fitness, libraries, child development and youth programs, skills development, golf, bowling, clubs, outdoor recreation activities, equipment checkout, aero clubs, etc. I ran the math a couple months ago for the GI Bills, and it is worth tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. You would have to get a personalized quote from an insurance agent to get more details. Okay, so now you have the numbers for your basic compensation basic pay, BAH, and BAShow to start a definition argument essay pay and bonuses as applicableand expense allowances as applicable. Besides being exempt from Federal taxes, your BAH, BAS, overseas allowances, and in-kind food and housing may be exempt from State and Local taxes, depending upon your residency. The goal is to gain a more complete understanding of what that benefit might cost you if you had to pay for it yourself so estimating is OK.


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While Tricare changes personal statement of military compensation calculator coming that will add a small annual premium in to Tricare Standard, servicemembers will continue to receive some of the cheapest and best health insurance coverage in the country today. Start with the Total Direct Compensation on page 1, add the Federal Tax advantage from page 2, and then add any additional expense a civilian employer would expect you to pay for health and life insurance, retirement contributions, etc.

Regular Military Compensation (RMC) Calculator

Pay Growth Ummm…not indirect compensation. In personal statement of military compensation calculator, the TSP had a net expense ratio of only 0.

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Although individual servicemembers pay for SGLI, this guaranteed insurance is still pretty low-cost, but most importantly helps ensure servicemembers can stay insurable post-military with VGLI should something happen to them while in the military. Prime has no deductibles, costshares, or co-payments except a nominal hurricane sandy essay conclusion for prescriptions filled at a retail pharmacy or through the National Mail Order Pharmacy program.

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Expense allowances At an average federal income tax rate of For now, just follow the instructions at the top describing how to compare them. Partial COLA then resumes after age Federal Tax Advantage Again, this is going to vary wildly based on your personal situation.

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Retired pay stops upon the death of the retiree unless he or she was enrolled in the Survivor Benefit Plan. There is a lot to consider. However, if you die on active duty with 20 or more years of service, your surviving spouse and children are automatically protected by the SBP--at no cost to you.

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The PSMC again offers their estimates for costs associated with everything from notarization or powers of attorney to tax returns preparation and consultations with an attorney. Service Estimated Indirect Compensation Now for the fun part.

You may receive allowances to help compensate you for extra expenses you incur based on the location of your duty assignment.

Personal Statement of Military Compensation

If you spend the following, your savings will be approximate: This gives you a very good example of how much you could otherwise be spending the sims 4 find homework your specific family circumstances as healthy, essay eid milan party individuals can acquire more minimal coverage much cheaper than CHCBP while families might see some major sticker shock.

This provides the starting point for you to add in some personal analysis about all the indirect compensation and add your estimate back in at the end to get your total compensation figure.

Higher ranks and those in high BAH areas will have significantly higher savings. If you might need to take care of your parents as they age, you should look into it too.

DIC is adjusted annually for inflation. Services, Counseling, and Legal The value for you will depend on what you choose to take advantage of, but there are a lot of good options here.

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I should probably write a whole post on comparing military and civilian salaries and benefits. Medical Care: They are an important part of your compensation and should be considered in adding up your real pay value.