Ranking Cozzia’s Best Massage Chair

When it comes to manufacturing of massage chairs, there is no bigger brand than Cozzia. It is one of the oldest and most recognized manufacturers of massage chairs in the world. The company has been known to produce some of the very best shiatsu massage chairs. There are various models of cozzia massage chair available in the market at the moment. All of them have an excellent design and come well-recommended by experts. However, which among them is the best one? It is a very valid question, one that needs answering if you want to get your hands on the very best massage chair Cozzia has to offer.

Here is a comparison of the features of three top-ranked Cozzia massage chairs to see which among them gets the title of being the best cozzia massage chair.

Zero Gravity Cozzia Massage Chair 16027 – The zero gravity cozzia massage chair 16027 is an excellent massage chair model. It is among the best massage recliners that Cozzia has produced till date. The design of this incredible massage chair gives it a unique competitive edge over the other models of massage chairs by Cozzia. The S-shaped frame that is a part of the 16027’s design is perfect for spine contouring and offers the most relaxing massage ever to the users. The padding of this massage chair is also of a functional nature which further comforts the users sitting in this chair during the massage sessions.

The 16027 offers the Shiatsu massage to the users and it has an incredible 9 automatic massage programs to offer you. There is no massage chair in the world that offers more pre-programmed massage routines than this amazing product by Cozzia. The zero-gravity feature is an added bonus that this cozzia massage chair model offers to its users.

Feel Good Series Cozzia Massage Chair 16028 – The feel good series cozzia massage chair 16028 is also one of the best massage chairs manufactured by this amazing brand. Portability is the best feature of this massage chair by Cozzia. It can be moved around the home with consummate ease. You can shift it from your living room to your bedroom on your own without encountering any difficulty whatsoever. The reason why it is so portable is because it has a light-weight design and weighs a mere 171 pounds. Aside from being portable, the 16028 is incredibly compact and durable and features a functional design, making it a well-rounded product.

The 16028 also provides the Shiatsu massage to its users but unlike the 16027 model, only offers 5 automatic massage programs. However, these massage sessions last for up to 15 minutes and shut down on their own upon completion. This cozzia massage chair model does not offer a zero-gravity option. Instead, it offers heat therapy which is reserved for the lumbar and back areas.

Zero Gravity Cozzia Massage Chair EC363E – The zero gravity cozzia massage chair EC363 is yet another fine product of the Cozzia brand. It is one of the only massage chairs of the company to provide three different types of massages to its users. While the other massage recliners of the company can only provide the shiatsu massage or heat therapy to the users, the EC363E is capable of providing Jacuzzi massage as well as heat therapy along with the shiatsu massage to its users. This makes the EC363E model the very best massage chair that the Cozzia brand has to offer.

In addition to the three massage options that this incredible cozzia massage chair offers, there are 6 automated massage programs that you can choose from. A timer is available with this amazing massage chair that can help you in controlling the timing of each massage session. The EC363E also features a zero-gravity mode as well.

So, it is clear that the Zero gravity cozzia massage chair EC363E is definitely the one to beat when it comes to being the best cozzia massage chair.