Buying your Instagram followers: Is this legit?

Having many followers can massage your ego. For someone self–obsessed and hooked to the virtual world, this could mean a lot! There are a lot of bloggers and Instagram account holders who have numerous followers. Not all the followers may be genuine after all!

Buying Instagram followers is becoming a fad these days. With the obsession with selfies and putting up pictures of yourself and your close knit ones, you are already living in a different world. Many people call this their alter ego. To massage this part of their personality, often people indulge in buying followers!

How does this thing work?

Buying of Instagram followers is as simple as buying likes for your Instagram photos. All you have to do is follow very simple and easy steps. There are numerous websites which are into the business of selling followers for your social media account. You will have to select one such website, pay the price and earn your followers. Let us understand this with an example. If you intend to buy 50 instagram followers, you will have to click on one of these websites. Enter your Instagram handle; buy 50 instagram followers (you can of course buy as many as you want) by paying the stipulated money. After a few minutes you will have those many followers added to your account. It may sound spooky but this is how it happens.

It happens within minutes, there is no question of outage of account or downtime on your account. Within minutes, you can refresh your account and your followers would have gone up by the number you purchased!

Cost factor involved in buying followers

The process is very simple and easy, this is surprisingly easy on your pocket as well. You can buy 50 Instagram followers for as less as $1. It may cost you tad bit higher or almost the same as buying Instagram likes. Often, many people who take their internet being too seriously find this a very small amount to massage their ego.

Users of such services

Even many professional bloggers, small time models, actors use this means to get more footfalls to their website! This comes as no surprise, the procedure is so simple, it is inexpensive. There is no harm done; then you might as well use it!

There is a catch that often goes amiss. The followers added to your profile are actually fake ones. These are called robot profiles, which are created by the company selling this service. For someone who is perceptive and has some experience of the social media world would instantly know that these are fake profiles!

Sometimes, when you, let’s say buy 50 Instagram followers, you may end up having robot profiles which have a porn-ish bio. You may want to disassociate them immediately! For someone who has built a certain reputation in the virtual world, it may end up doing more harm than good.

How does buying followers help?

The virtual world is a very tricky world. Many professional bloggers use this technique to create a certain buzz which may get them free publicity. Going viral and getting trolled on the internet is a big thing. Whether the publicity is negative or positive, it gets you famous. This indeed is heartening for many people.

Creating traffic by this means may end up getting few genuine hits to your website. It may enable you to become more noticeable in this extremely crowded place. You may have the talent and all that it takes to make it big. But as they say being the right place at the right time is what matters. If you can buy 50 instagram followers and get there, it will worth the effort!