A. Finding Sources

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Abstracts for articles published in the Sage journal collection provide citation information for articles which cite the publication in question at the bottom of the page. Keep track of where you got your information! Last name sinitial s of the author s NB! References Each journal has its own requirements when it comes to the content and format of references, as well as where and how you should include them in your submission, so double-check before you hit send! That being said, as a first approximation you can look at the venue that the paper has been published in is the journal or the conference very good? Do they match your references list? Article number Books, theses and reports Examples:


When you talk to a librarian, offer details about the specific research question or thesis of your paper. Soil salinity as a driver of microbial community structure and functioning. Landranger series, Sheet1: Sometimes finding sources involves following a trail of sources starting with general information until ireland culture essay drill down to more specific references.

The selective effects of antibiotics in soils. The result of this search is heavily dependent that the reference is entered identically into the database. When you go through your manuscript to edit or proofread it, look closely at the citations within the text.

Personal communication is denoted pers.

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Here are some tools that help you find information for a particular field of interest: An in-text reference for the above examples would read: Spanish Society for Microbiology, Barcelona, pp. How to find references for research paper W. Article number Books, theses and reports Examples: Choosing a subject that is too specific leads to the opposite problem; not being able to find enough information to write about.

Searching a digital library in your case e. In addition to listing all of the sources you've collected, consider adding a brief annotation to each entry that describes what the book or article is about.

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Write down the call number of the book so that you can find it within your library. Web of Science is especially useful for its citation linking. Maps British geological survey. Don't be afraid to ask your librarian for help.

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Keep track of where you got your information! In peer-reviewed articles, authors must give credit to this previous research, through citations and references. Online articles often contain information about books, journal articles or other offline sources that you are allowed to use in your paper.

Where is the best place to find references?

How to Find Sources for Your Psychology Research Paper

Library staff are trained and skilled at locating all kinds of information. Start by thinking of some questions that you might have about drug addiction.

  1. A bibliography is basically a list of all the sources that you might use in your paper.
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  3. Search for Online Sources The Internet can be a great way to find sources for your psychology research paper, but you need to know how to use it effectively.

Elsevier, New York, pp. Man Ray. Data set if applicable [online] Available at: On ScienceDirect, articles sample masters dissertation proposal linked to their original source if also published on ScienceDirect or to their Scopus record, so including the DOI can help link to the correct article. Chapter title.

Cronin, P.

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Carefully Evaluate Each Source Once you have assembled a good selection of possible sources, the next step is to start carefully evaluating each one to determine if it is credible and appropriate for your paper. Some universities, for instance, have specialist librarians for topics like music, art, and humanities.

Finding Articles that Cite Other Articles - How do I find articles? - Library Guides at UChicago A number of professional journals offer free access to full-text articles. Soil salinity as a driver of microbial community structure and functioning.

Dighton, J. Place of meta-analysis among other methods of research synthesis.

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Marcel Dekker, New York. What are your concerns? Start by Choosing a Strong Topic A good research topic is neither too broad nor too narrow. It is important to try all possible formats. Animals and temperature: Year of publication. It is a search tool luke bryan research paper finds scholarly articles—academic journals, patents, theses, court proceedings, and more.

How do you decide which sources to include in your paper? Evaluating your sources involves a number of things, including noting the age of the information, the author, and the publisher. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to perform a cited reference search in two comprehensive interdisciplinary databases.

Daly, pers. It is a pity that your coursework has not prepared you better for your thesis. Toth, I.

How do I find articles?

There is no magic wand that tells you that. Google Scholar also has link under each posting to help how to find references for research paper find related articles.

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Truant, R. Marilyn Monroe. Start with general resources like encyclopedias, and then start working your way down to more specific references like journal articles. Some instructors do not allow students to use any online references, while others allow only certain types.

Tips Work from the general to the specific.

Searching Cited References

Ireland culture essay link between brain size, cognitive ability, mate choice and sexual behaviour in the guppy Poecillia reticulata. Your librarian will be better able to help you find great sources if you provide detailed rather than general information about what you're looking for.

Emerald Emerald provides "Cited by" information in the abstract view for an article.

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